Splurge VS Save How Much Should I Invest in Skincare

Skincare is expensive. And no, I’m not even taking into account the monthly parlour visits and “me time” spa sessions. But if you want a few tips on how to maximise your skincare budget, while getting the best bang for your buck, you’re in luck.

Here I’ve broken down your daily skincare routine step-by-step to tell you exactly where you should be spending big and where you can trim down the excess spends.

Splurge on Oil Cleansers – If you’re going the Korean beauty route, you’ve probably heard of double-cleansing. To put it simply, it’s a two-step cleansing process where you first use an oil-based cleanser to knock off makeup, sunscreen and anything that’s oil-based. Next you go in with a gentle water-based face wash to get rid of residual gunk. The result – a squeaky clean face that’s free from breakouts. Our choice? A gentle, daily oil cleanser that won’t strip your face dry.

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Save on Monthly Facials – How often do you get a facial? Let’s be honest, at least once a month, amirite. It doesn’t take a genius at math to tell you that you spend waaaay more on parlour visits than you probably should. Heck, don’t cut down corners. All we’re saying is invest in the correct cleansing methods (double cleanse) and maintain a healthier lifestyle (avoid junk food, don’t sleep with makeup, drink enough water) so you won’t have to spend a bomb on skin maintenance.

Splurge on Exfoliators – Exfoliation is the process by which our bodies naturally renew dead skin cells. On average it takes about a month for new cells to replace old ones. Skincare enthusiasts generally speed up the process by using either physical (peeling masks, scrubs) or chemical (Acids, AHA/BHAs) to remove the outermost layer of the skin, revealing younger more youthful skin. Look for a mild physical exfoliator that won’t tear your skin or incorporate low % acids in your skincare routine.

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Save on Chemical Peels – Dermatologists often subscribe a chemical peel once every quarter to get your glow back. But be forewarned, excessive exfoliation can cause unnecessary scarring, redness and inflammation. Instead of visiting a doctor’s office, we suggest you take time to understand (what your skin type is) and follow (a skincare routine that suits you) for best results.

Splurge on Serums/Ampoules – Serums and ampoules target specific skin concerns such as acne scars, blemish marks, sun spots, free radical damage, wrinkles, dark circles etc. These tiny but mighty tester-sized portions packed with active ingredients concentrate on the pain point to remedy it quickly. They spot fix issues from deep within, which is why they’re worth their weight in gold. But spending on a magical potion in a glass bottle that *tackles* the concern is a much better alternative to aged skin.

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Save on Sheet Masks – We get it, sheet masking is all the rage in your Korean beauty world. But let me tell you, it’s a much, much wiser decision to put your money on a potent serum than a gimmick-y sheet mask. While we’re suckers for sheet masks too, it’s already known that unless you apply one daily, it’s not worth it. C’mon do you seriously believe 15 minutes of slapping on a mask can take 10 years off your face? Give us a break. Skip the sheet mask bargains and look for an activated serum treatment.

Splurge Sleep Masks – Sleep creams aka night creams are intense overnight creams infused with good-for-the-skin ingredients. Plumping Collagen, hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, brightening Niacinamide, youth-giving Retinol are a few examples. Chose a formula enriched with active ingredients like these to tackle the skin concerns you’re dealing with. Pro tip: Look for sleep masks with mixed formulas that’ll work hard while you catch up on Zzzzzzzs. Trust us, too much of one ingredient isn’t ideal.


Save on Sunscreen – Strictly speaking, one MUST apply sunscreen daily – whether the sun’s shining or the winds offer cloud cover. Choose a formula with SPF 30 and slather it on 15 minutes before  you step out of the house. But instead of spending big bucks on a super-deluxe sun essence look for a steal in your drugstore aisle. Nowadays, most sunscreens offer the same benefits and especially since you’ll be dousing yourself in it daily, it’s best to hunt for deals on bigger, value packs.

Splurge on Spot Treatments – Spot treatments such as acne-reducing creams, anti-wrinkle eye balms or pigmentation-mark removal lotions all come with a hefty price tag. But do us a favour, speak to your dermatologist before adding to cart. It’s okay to act on impulse when it comes to beauty buys, but always, always, speak to an esthetician when you’re purchasing spot treatments. There are a million ingredients out there and any can irritate your skin, cause breakouts or worse.

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Save on Lip Balms – There’s a ton of brands out there right now that boast of revenue solely from lip balm. But you can totally skimp out on those extra-expensive fancy-a$$ creams ‘cos they do very little for your chapped lips. If you’re looking for smooth, plump lips simply mix one teaspoon of honey with granulated sugar. Rub this homemade concoction on your lips every 3-4 days and you’ll boast of the most kissable pout evah! Make your own DIY remedy at a fraction of the cost. Muah.

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